About DRK HRnet

DRK HRnet is a web-based application developed by Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V.

DRK HRnet allows external applicants and experts to create, access, and manage their profile data wherever and whenever they wish in a secure environment. It also provides the DRK International HR Department to work in a professional and efficient way. The DRK International HR Department uses the DRK HRnet to manage expert profiles and plan and implement international assignments as well as training activities.

DRK HRnet runs on Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later or on Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, nevertheless we recommend using Mozilla Firefox. Using older browser versions may lead to graphical errors.

For performance and security reasons, we recommend to use the latest version of your browser.

Using a resolution lower than 1024x768 will result in display problems.

If you use DRK HRnet on a shared computer, we strongly recommend clearing your browser’s history/cache/personal data when you finish using the application.

We are consistently testing and improving DRK HRnet in order to fix bugs and provide you with the most up-to-date application. However, should you run into any problems accessing or using DRK HRnet, please send as detailed a description of the problem as you can (with a screenshot if possible) to drkhrnet@drk.de.

Passwords must be "strong" in format. This means that they must contain at least 7 characters, which must be letters and numbers, both upper and lower case, and one alphanumeric character. By doing so, you will greatly decrease the possibility of malicious behavior.

FOR DRK HRnet purposes use only one unique password. Do not use same password for DRK HRnet as you may use for your banking or other sensitive dealings on the internet.

The password should be easy for you to remember but not easily guessed by others. Do not write down, relay, communicate, or keep copies of passwords for any web site. DRK HRnet cannot be responsible for passwords being used by others in such cases.

Email addresses, with their domain name component, must be entered correctly or you will not receive vital communications from the DRK HRnet system and in turn, the organization you are applying to, which depend upon Email for contacting you. Very often, you may let your Email account go dormant (see below) or become invalid, or you may not enter the Email address correctly in the initial registration. This causes problems for us, at DRK HRnet.

The most frequent errors are omission of characters, misspelling, and not being sure that the Email account is actually active. Please check the correct spelling of your mail user name and mail domain name to be sure that your full Email address is correctly spelled.

Email hosts have policies on dormancy – which is when the Email account may no longer function or receive mail because you have not used it lately. Many of the most popular hosts (such as yahoo, msn, hotmail) require that accounts be used frequently or the account will become inactive and require reactivation. Often, it can be over a period of 30 days of non-use. This poses a major problem for our site because we constantly receive “bounced message” notices to report that your Email is no longer valid. In that case, we cannot contact you and we may detache your account.

Please make sure you understand your host's policy and keep your account active if you intend to use it in the DRK HRnet system. We may delete accounts, at our discretion, that do not follow this guideline. Your account may be temporarily suspended by the host for some reason. Your mailbox may be full and no additional messages can be received. It is entirely your responsibility to keep your account active.

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